About Us

& Who We Are

Brevi's Mission

"Develop the Physician-Patient experience to restore the patient's story as the most potent diagnosis tool & to restore Physician-Patient Non-verbal communication."

Physician-Patient dialogue is the single most powerful diagnostic tool, as the patient's story is "The Primary data," and doctors need to maintain eye contact to effectively use "the primary data - the patient's story" for a more accurate diagnosis
Brevi's Vision

Break the obstacles to implementing AI in the Healthcare Industry

With the current solutions, the main obstacle to implementing AI Scribing solutions in the Healthcare industry is that Physicians must change "the naturalness of consultations" and follow strict rules during consultations.

We have invented a unique "Natural Language Generation technology" that employs a human approach to analyze the Physician-Patient Dialogues and scribe "Consultation Narrative Notes" without Human-In-The-Loop in an understandable form for Physicians & Patients.


⦿ Physicians should not change the naturalness of consultation.
⦿ Physicians can conduct Non-linear & Fragmented Conversations.
⦿ Physicians - get the scribe information immediately afterward, which is super important as providers see many patients, and by the end of the day, it would be easy to forget/miss things.

What we are made of


To fulfill and accomplish our mission and vision, we deeply believe that we have to provide high-quality service and must maintain & protect the security & privacy of the healthcare providers and their patients.

Proprietary Technology

The NLG is the best solution to ease this problem, increase physicians' willingness to utilize AI, and leverage modern technologies that lead to quick and smooth integration in clinical practices.

Protect/Maintain Security & Privacy

We are young entrepreneurs with a small team, but we have an Enterprise-Grade Security in place and constantly work on enhancing security measures.

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September 20-23, 2022

AAFP FMX 2022 - Family Medicine Experience

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October 1-4, 2022

ACEP22 Conference

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October 9-12, 2022

AHIMA22 Global Conference

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October 27-28, 2022

CPCA Annual Conference 2022

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November 13-16, 2022

HLTH 2022

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In 2019

We decided to concentrate our research on the NLG technologies employing the Abstractive MDS technology. We focus on this technology because it is a core element to improve the following applications significantly: Meeting/Dialogue summarization, Speech summarization, EHR data summarization, etc.

In 2020

We came across the term called "Clinical Dialogue Summarization." We became interested and decided to do further research on this topic. After deep analysis, we found out that many major players in the healthcare and tech industry are working to solve this problem, but they still don't have a solid solution.

Until 2021

We conducted lots of R&D, created several working real-world applications and prototypes, and made massive progress in this technology.

In January 2022

We launched the Alpha version of the "Clinical Dialogue Scribe" application to prove the concept & technology.

In March 2022

We launched the Beta version of the "Clinical Dialogue Scribe" with a much higher accuracy rate for scribing "Consultation Narrative Notes."

In July 2022

We have achieved SOC 2 Type I compliance in accordance with AICPA standards for SOC for Service Organizations also known as SSAE 18 and HIPAA compliance in accordance with AT-C 315. Brevi Technologies Inc was audited by Prescient Assurance.

At the end of July 2022

We launched the "Clinical Dialogue Scribe" application!

On August 11, 2022

We deployed an upgraded Natural Language Generation Model with significant improvements.

Important Milestones the company is planning to accomplish in the near future.

⦿ Lab Orders Automation - an add-on that recommends and orders (if approved) a lab for a patient based on the encounter.

⦿ Referral Notes Automation - an add-on that writes referral notes when needed based on the encounter.

⦿ Sync EHR information - a feature that will get data from EHRs, such as allergies, past lab results, past medical history, etc., and include it in the clinical notes.

⦿ Reinforcement Learning - NLG Model will constantly learn and make the Brevi machine more intellectual to improve the quality of Clinical Notes.

⦿ Personalization - personalize Clinical Notes to the physicians' preferences and writing styles.


Osman Musabaev
Osman won several international Math and Physics Olympiads. At the age of 15, he was invited to Japan to meet Nobel Prize winners and became a "Sakura Science Club member."
Khasan Musabaev
Khasan is a Self-Taught Full-stack developer with deep knowledge in Cybersecurity and Machine Learning fields. Khasan has proudly been part of Palo Alto Rotary Club since August 2022.

We are young brothers, immigrants, founders, and inventors of Brevi's unique technologies, with solid knowledge in the fields of NLP/NLU/NLG and Cybersecurity. All our core technologies have been built in-house by our founders.


James Demetroulakos
James is a practicing otolaryngologist who invests in and advises early-stage companies. His practice is affiliated with MassGeneral Brigham, Beth Israel Lahey Health, Wellforce and Optum networks. He has had extensive experience in adoption and conversion of electronic medical records. As a physician leader he has helped facilitate the conversion of a large Medical Center medical staff to a new electronic record system. Dr. Demetroulakos completed his undergraduate and medical training at Brown University and completed his residency at Georgetown University. He is an Air Force veteran.
Harris Cohen
Harris Cohen, M.D., FAAFP is a Family Medicine Physician at Hatboro Medical Associates, located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. His areas of interest include the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia as well as minor dermatologic procedures and joint injections. Dr. Cohen is a Fellow of the American Board of Family Practice and a member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians. He has lectured and published articles on the use of personal digital assistants in medicine and has also been published articles in several journals and textbooks on premenstrual dysphoric disorder. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Cohen was a popular social media presence on Facebook through his live Q & A sessions and his weekly blogs.