EHR Integrations

To streamline the Automation of Clinical Narrative Notes, Brevi integrates with EHR systems to synchronize your Patient List & Schedule and instantly upload Clinical Notes to your EHR system to complete one of the most time-consuming tasks in real-time.


Current EHR Integrations


Epic is a famous EHR system provider used by hospitals, rehab centers, retail clinics, medical schools, patients' homes, and more. Businesses of all sizes use Epic, and more than 250 million patients have a current electronic record in Epic.

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NextGen Healthcare is a Leading & Award-winning EHR system for small and midsize practices in ambulatory care and empowering the transformation of ambulatory care in the journey to value-based care to make healthcare better for everyone.

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Other EHR systems integrations are coming soon!!!

Our team implemented a smooth integration process that you or your IT team can connect by using the step-by-step instructions in the help center and please feel free to contact us by WhatsApp, Live chat, and Email if you need further assistance.