Clinical Dialogue Scribe

Brevi Automatically analyzes "Physician-Patient Dialogues" & scribes "Consultation Narrative Notes"
Brevi's Mission:
Develop the Physician-Patient experience to restore the patient's story as the most potent diagnosis tool.

Use Case

Brevi scribes "Consultation Narrative Notes" in the form of a summary geared toward outpatient encounters. Brevi is tailored to assist physicians in accomplishing one of the most time-consuming and burnout task - scribing "Clinical Dialogue Narrative Notes"

Watch a more detailed introduction:


By using Brevi's solution, Physicians can conduct Non-Linear & Fragmented Consultations; therefore, they should not change the naturalness of consultation or adapt the communication style with patients, and at the same time, take advantage of and leverage modern technologies:
  • Patients - Can express concerns without distraction, thus improving their satisfaction.
  • Physicians - Time is freed up, and the work-life balance and joy of care are restored.
  • Care Quality - Physicians can discover patients' concerns and interpret them more accurately.
  • Eye Contact - Doctors need no interaction with the computer during the examination.
  • Doctors' Workload - The software eliminates up to 80% of paperwork, which translates to an additional 2–3 patients a day for each doctor.
  • Clinical Documentation - The software performs the documentation automatically and much faster to optimize the provider's workload.
Trust Centers

We have an Enterprise-Grade Security in place and constantly work on enhancing security measures

Below you can find 2 Trust Centers with various controls and compliances that we have:

Brevi's Intelligent Natural Language Solution

Consultation Narrative Notes
Automatically analyzes Physician-Patient Dialogues & scribes "Narrative Notes" in the form of a summary (see examples).
Table & SOAP
Automatically creates the Table & SOAP, based on the summary by using the additional NLU models.
Proprietary Technology
NLG eliminates Speech-To-Text mistakes & model errors almost in 98% of cases and doesn't require human-in-the-loop.
Coming soon
EHR Integrations
Coming soon
Brevi provides scribes with the "Consultation Narrative Notes" in 5-10 minutes for review (working on shortening the scribing time to 1-2 minutes).
Brevi IOS application for iPhones & iPads is in the Beta version

For those interested, please provide us an email associated with your Apple ID through the contact page, and we will send you a TestFlight invitation.

How it works

  • Sign BAA.
  • Register - only with a corporate email.
  • Brevi creates your dedicated "Azure Storage Account."
  • Set up two-factor authentification.
  • Accept "Privacy Policy" & "Terms of Use."
  • Go to the "Record" page in the dashboard & start recording.
  • After the end of the conversation, give a name to the "Clinical examination."
  • Wait for the audio to be securely uploaded.
  • After uploading "Audio recording," you can start a new examination.
  • Get notified by email when the "Narrative Notes" is ready.
  • It usually takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Go to the "Clinical Notes" page to review & approve "Narrative Notes."
  • If necessary, upload it to the EHR - Coming Soon
  • You can delete any information from your account.
Additional information for TeleHealth Use Case:
  • Coming Soon
  • Brevi automatically creates the Physician's dedicated ID to connect to almost any Telehealth system.
  • The Physician uses their ID to invite Brevi to connect to the consultation and allow Brevi to record their conversation.