Automation of Clinical Narrative Notes

Brevi Automatically analyzes "Physician-Patient Dialogues" & scribes "Consultation Narrative Notes" in four formats: Summary, Table, SOAP, and SOAP with Bullet Points.

Brevi's Mission:

Develop the Physician-Patient experience to restore the patient's story as the most potent diagnostic tool.

Use Case

Brevi scribes "Consultation Narrative Notes" in the form of a summary geared toward outpatient encounters. Brevi is tailored to assist physicians in accomplishing one of the most time-consuming and burnout tasks - scribing "Clinical Dialogue Narrative Notes"

Watch a more detailed introduction:


The primary and most valuable advantage of the Brevi solution is Physicians should not change the naturalness of consultation or adapt new communication styles with patients. Physicians can conduct Non-Linear & Fragmented Consultations as they used to do and at the same time, take advantage of & leverage modern technologies:

  • Patients - Can express concerns without distraction, thus improving their satisfaction.

  • Physicians - Time is freed up, and the work-life balance and joy of care are restored.

  • Care Quality - Physicians can discover patients' concerns and interpret them more accurately.

  • Eye Contact - Doctors need no interaction with the computer during the examination.

  • Doctors' Workload - The software considerably reduces paperwork and eliminates up to 80% of "Pajama Time," which translates to an additional 2-3 patients a day for each doctor.

  • Clinical Documentation - The software performs the documentation automatically and much faster to optimize the provider's workload.

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Trust Centers

We have an Enterprise-Grade Security in place and constantly work on enhancing security measures

Below you can find 2 Trust Centers with various controls and compliances that we have:

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Brevi's Intelligent Natural Language Solution

Consultation Narrative Notes

Automatically analyzes Physician-Patient Dialogues & scribes "Narrative Notes" in the form of a summary & SOAP format (see examples).

SOAP & Bullet Points

Automatically creates the SOAP & Bullet Points, based on the summary by using the additional NLU models.

Proprietary Technology

Brevi NLG Machine, in most cases, eliminates Speech-To-Text mistakes & errors and doesn't require human-in-the-loop.


Integrate Microsoft Teams in your dashboard, and Google Meet integration is coming soon.

EHR Integrations

Brevi integrates with EHR systems to synchronize your Patient List & Schedule and instantly upload Clinical Narrative Notes to your EHR.


Real-time scribing is crucial for Physicians, and Brevi commits to delivering scribes with the "Consultation Narrative Notes" in 1 minute with "Speed Mode."

Brevi IOS application for iPhones & iPads

Download Brevi's IOS app in App Store.
To use Brevi's IOS App, you must have an active account.

Past Events

September 20-23, 2022

AAFP FMX 2022 - Family Medicine Experience

Meet us in Booth #1419

At the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. The flagship event for family physicians is organized by the American Academy of Family Physicians, where you can explore the best education, the latest patient and practice solutions, explore new tools and devices, and much more.

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October 1-4, 2022

ACEP22 Conference

Meet us in Booth #1207

The American College of Emergency Physicians organizes the largest and most prestigious show in emergency medicine, where you can learn about clinical updates, Explore new tools and devices, and much more.

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October 9-12, 2022

AHIMA22 Global Conference

Meet us in Booth #352

At the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio. The global conference for health information professionals is organized by The American Health Information Management Association, where you learn about the latest innovations and emerging technology trends in health information.

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October 27-28, 2022

CPCA Annual Conference 2022

Meet us in Booth #434

At SAFE Credit Union Convention Center, Sacramento, CA. California Primary Care Association Annual Conference provides information and learning sessions in areas: Policy & Advocacy, Strategic leadership, Business Innovations, and Clinical & Care Innovations.

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November 13-16, 2022

HLTH 2022

Booth #3051-34, Club Startup Pavilion

HLTH is a unique event in the healthcare industry where you will discover, network, connect with real decision-makers, and learn from experts and established innovators on how they are reshaping the entire spectrum of the health ecosystem.

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How it works

Watch a video about "How to Request new Account":
  • Create a list of your patients or add your patient right before the consultation to assign a scribe.

  • Go to the "Record" page in the dashboard & start recording.

  • Wait for the Audio Recording to be securely uploaded.

  • After uploading the "Audio recording," you can start a new consultation.

  • Get scribe in 1 minute with "Speed Mode" & in 5-10 minutes with "Default Mode." The IOS app supports only the "default mode."

  • Get notified by email when the "Narrative Notes" is ready.

  • Go to the "Clinical Notes" page to review & approve "Consultation Narrative Notes."

  • Analyze Audio - If necessary, you can manually analyze your previous conversations with your patients.

  • Connect to your EHR/EMR system.

  • If necessary, upload "Clinical Notes" to the EHR/EMR.

Microsoft Teams Integration:

  • Integrate your Outlook Calendar in your dashboard and let Brevi join all Microsoft Teams meetings from your calendar to analyze, summarize & scribe Clinical Narrative Notes. Learn more.